Clan Arena

Sci-Fi First Person Shooter Game

Clan Arena is a long running project at RedCell Studio and is always looking for interested professionals to help us build this project in our spare time. This game is to be somewhat like the original Clan Arena mod for Quake, so mainly focused on player skill with 1vs1 and not on team play. The main difference is not having all tech available right away for the player to use. The world is pretty straight forward, two races will have to fight against one another or against each other and both have there own unique style of gaming. Nano soldiers will be strong and brutal but not as high tech and fast/sneaky as Redcell soldiers. We are currently aiming to get these two done and later on add more types of play styles. For now we are working on getting more models done and having it working inside of the Unreal engine. Feel free to contact me or post here for more info or if you like to help build this with us.